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Unblock these Sites in Your District

posted Sep 4, 2011, 11:26 AM by Lin Kuzmich
Many districts are so worried about Internet Security they block sites and hold back 21st Century Learning opportunities for educators and students.  When the protective stance goes too far, education will continue to lag behind the job market as well as interfere with career and college readiness.  Instead develop a drivers' license approach to using the net for everyone.  After so many points you lose your access to most of the sites.  Plan for the majority of students and educators who will use the sites appropriately and not the few that mess up.  Better yet, create a positive and rewarding approach to appropriate use. As students mature and show the reliability open up even more sites, you could even have an apprentice, journeyman, master license approach to the web if needed to satisfy worried community members.  At the very least open these sites and more to educators to use in lessons, tutorials and other learning opportunities. Have students and teachers adding to your list of great educational resources regularly.  You will also want to start a list of great Apps for learning for "smart devices" and other technologies since that is an exploding area of great resources now.  Please don't hold the education of our students back or the planning needs of our educators with policies that are too restrictive.  Instead educate, reward and encourage technological competence and creativity with both educators and students.
Lin Kuzmich,
Sep 4, 2011, 11:37 AM